Made to Make Aussies Melt Since 2020

Food without soul is like Dolly Parton without big hair and rhinestones. It just don't feel right.

I love ice cream. Heck, who doesn't! So when I was feeling homesick, I dug my spoon into tub after tub of Australian ice cream, but nothin' made my heart sing. It all felt a tad soulless.

I thought "damn it girl, you might as well make ya own." I used my ol' family recipes, used the best Australian ingredients and handmade every batch. And whatya know, it was better than I remembered.

Now I feel right at home in Australia and Australia feels right at home diggin' ya'll spoons in our tubs.

Hey, just park your cares for a moment. Ice cream makes every thing better.

But homemade ice cream takes you somewhere else. To a time past where life is simple, comforting and full of flavour. It takes me right back home.

Grab a spoon and join me.