Giving Names To Our Flavours.

15 Jul

We love the South! It is home. The South is known for so many things, but things which top my list and make me smile are all the types comfort food for a southerners soul. If you’re a person who likes to travel to a destination for the unique cuisine or make a list before you leave home of restaurant must stops for your journey, then this article is for you. From sprawling cities to tiny towns, we want to help you navigate our region of the country with your fork and spoon.   

The South obviously knows a thing or two about comfort food.  We are the comfort food heaven.  No one does decadent rich sweet treats quite like the people in the southern United States. From lovely layered cakes to incredible pies, the desserts can satisfy even the most serious of sweet tooths. It doesn’t hurt that most traditional recipes are very easy to make, as often the ingredients are super accessible and simple. So, food lovers of the world, we’re going to make you wish you were in Texas!

 When most Australian’s want to travel to the US it is primarily just to four states Hawaii, California, Nevada (where Vegas is) and New York. Perhaps this is because foreigners simply do not know of all the great places to visit otherwise.  We think this is a shame, as the South has so much to offer. We hope our flavours will make more people want to visit Dixie Land next time they are in America and hungry! 

We decided that we wanted to pay tribute to some of the best restaurants throughout the Southern states by incorporating them into the names of our flavours. We use both passed down Texas family dessert recipes in addition to other famous southern desserts to come up with our individual flavour experiences.  There are many classics that each family or café puts their own special spin on and we’re rounding them up for you. We hope the next time you visit the U.S. you’ll think of us first. Our first flavour to pay salute to a famous dessert and restaurant in Tennessee is our Nashville Raspberry Nutmeg Pie.  

Today I want to introduce you to Loveless Café in Nashville and their Southern Belle Raspberry Pie.  The Loveless Cafe is a restaurant in southwest Nashville, Tennessee, on Highway 100 just east of the northern terminus of the Natchez Trace Parkway. It is known for its Southern cooking, especially for its biscuits, fruit preserves, country ham, and red-eye gravy. The cafe has been offering families and friends a place where they can enjoy a scratch-made Southern meal and reconnect with each other around the table. It remains unchanged in the quaint country charm and good cooking that has made it a landmark since its doors opened 65 years ago.

 Along with there menu of savoury dishes, you’ll also we blow away by their desserts menu.  One of their fan favs is their Southern Belle Raspberry Pie. Nothing is as intense as raspberry pie and they nail it. Their version has a citrusy floral undertone with orange zest and rose water, the kind Southern belles used to dab at their temples in the heat. Since their country pie recipe uses a generous amount of raspberries, it tastes tried and true. That’s why we have put it on our list of must visit cafes the next time you’re planning a trip to Tennessee. 

Over time, as we create more flavours for you and your family to enjoy, we hope to add more flavours incorporating cafes in each of our beautiful southern states. We hope to cover the most storied and loved of Southern desserts ever made! Don’t forget to order your take home tub of Nashville Raspberry Nutmeg Pie ice cream!

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